About Me

Well here I am. With lots to say. My friends, for the longest time, have been asking me to blog. And so I started today with trying to figure out my way through WordPress. They say I must ‘focus’. For a better following I must ‘channelize’ my thoughts. A good blog is all about your ‘passion’ for something. Hmm….

But do I have to ‘choose a topic’? Must I restrict myself to a subject or two? Nopes, I wouldn’t be able to! ‘Passion’  is something one is blessed with. And trust me, it IS possible to be passionate about more things than one. On different days I am different people. A writer, an artist, an aspiring master chef, a teacher, a crafts-person, a back-packer, a wannabe musician, a this, a that……the list is endless. So much to do and such little time. Each morning I get up begging God for some more fingers!! Well, what can I do when the pies are too many, and the fingers so few!

PS: Those who envy me my multiple-passion(s) often accuse me of being a ‘Jack/Jane of all trades, master of none’!! And guess what? I quite like being one 😉

For me, a ‘routine’ in day-to-day life induces claustrophobia. So I strive to make each day different from the other. And that is how I intend my blog to be.

I want to share……the chocolate brownies that I bake, the sunflower that I paint, the craft workshop for kids that I plan to conduct, pretty pictures of a remote island I wish to travel to.

I want to share……the spiritual side of me, the frivolous side too, and all else that falls in between! My attempts at meditation, my bartending skills, the next melody that I learn to strum on my guitar, my latest glass mosaic……and more…..lots more!

I’d like to believe I am a precious gem-stone. Not a smooth, boring, dull one, but one with cuts all over. With countless facets that I hope will add to the sparkle and brilliance 🙂

Let the journey begin…….

30 Responses to About Me

  1. Madhumati says:

    Bon Voyage dear girl………cheers to a gr8 journey replete with adventures bcos I for sure want to be your fellow traveller 🙂

  2. Preeti Sain says:

    Bon Voyage….Hope u have a wonderful journey and may we all learn from each other experiences..:)

  3. neelu sudan says:

    Hi Ringo, You can be sure I will be stalking you regularly on your blog….

  4. Rati says:

    Good start, Rangoli 🙂

  5. Nidhi Sharma says:

    I like what u wrote…..way to go rangoli…………

  6. Dhenuka says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful journey. May this journey be very exciting for you and for us (the readers) as well.

  7. RKD says:

    Waiting for more…..lots more!!

  8. manisha says:


  9. ADM says:

    I loved what you said and theway you said it………………seedh dil se……so very Ringo style. Shall be looking forward to every word you blog 🙂

  10. Saumya Sudhir says:

    I’m SOOO looking forward to this blog 🙂 Thanks for putting it up ❤

  11. shilpa says:

    Great start Rangoli ! Follow your heart and your passions and you will soar….. Look forward to a myriad of topics!

  12. Madhu says:

    Loved what you’ve written. Really looking forward to more.

  13. Snehil Sood says:

    lets do this……seems like a lot of fun things and a lot of ideas for self to learn and maybe follow in the coming days…..CHEERS

  14. All the best Rangoli..love your writings..will be back here often for the latest.

  15. Mudita says:

    What a lovely start !!! All the very best Rangoli…Blogsphere Beware, here comes Rangoli-Rajni !!!

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